New Payout Option 12/12/2019 2:25:53 PM


As you may be aware, Faucethub has stopped supporting micropayments therefore is not available anymore.

We have added a new alternative and it's in beta testing.

Introducing Payeer.

Payeer is convienient.It supports Fiat a & crypto currencies.

Payments to Payeer are instant. Minimum payout is $0.05.

How to withdraw using Payeer:

  1. Get your account here.
  2. Go to your ClicksGenie Account -> Settings -> Payment. See image here
  3. Enter your Payeer account number. Should be somthing like this: P10xxxxx.
  4. Hit Save

That's it.

Please note that Payeer integration is in beta mode and it might not be fully functional.

If you have any issue with it, please open a support ticket with all the details inside your members area.


CG Team